Physical Properties Of Minerals (Bauxite)


 What is Bauxite ?

Many people square measure stunned to be told that mineral isn't a mineral. it's a rock composed in the main of aluminum-bearing minerals. It forms once dirt soils square measure severely leached of silicon oxide and different soluble materials in a very wet tropical or climatic zone climate. Bauxite is that the primary ore of aluminium. the majority of the aluminium that has ever been created has been extracted from mineral. The u. s. includes a few little mineral deposits however a minimum of ninety nine of the mineral employed in the u. s. is foreign. The u. s. is additionally a serious bourgeois of aluminium metal.





Physical Properties of Minerals Bauxite

Chemical Composition



Grey (Olive Grey), Red (Brownish Red)


Pink (Whitish Pink)





Moh Hardness


Specific Gravity






Form & Habit


Diagnostic Properties

Soft, low specific gravity, color. Often exhibits pisolitic habit


Bauxite Used for aluminium Production

Bauxite is that the principal ore of aluminium. the primary step in manufacturing aluminium is to crush the mineral and purify it victimization the anodyne method. within the anodyne method, the mineral is washed in a very hot resolution of hydroxide, that leaches aluminium from the mineral. The aluminium is precipitated out of resolution within the type of hydrated oxide, Al(OH)3. The hydrated oxide is then calcined to make aluminum oxide, Al2O3. Aluminum is smelted from the aluminum oxide victimization the Hall-Heroult method. within the Hall-Heroult method, the aluminum oxide is dissolved in a very melted tub of mineral (Na3AlF6). melted aluminium is faraway from the answer by electrolysis. This method uses a massive quantity of electricity. aluminium is sometimes created wherever electricity prices square measure terribly low. abundant of the aluminium employed in the u. s. is created in Canada victimization electricity power. 

Use of mineral as AN Abrasive Calcined aluminum oxide could be a artificial mineral, that could be a terribly arduous material (9 on the Mohs Hardness Scale). Calcined aluminum oxide is crushed, separated by size, ANd used as an abrasive. alumina sandpaper, sharpening powders, and sharpening suspensions square measure made up of calcined aluminum oxide. Sintered mineral is usually used as a sand-blasting abrasive. it's created by crushing mineral to a powder then fusing it into spherical beads at a really hot temperature. These beads square measure terribly arduous and extremely sturdy. The beads square measure then sorted by size to be used in several varieties of sandblasting instrumentality and for various sandblasting applications. Their shape reduces wane the delivery instrumentality. 

Use of mineral as a Proppant Sintered mineral is additionally used as AN oil field proppant. In drilling for oil and gas, the reservoir rock is usually broken by pumping fluids into the well beneath terribly high pressures. The pressure builds up to terribly high levels that cause the sedimentary rock reservoir rock to fracture. once fracturing happens, water and suspended particles called "proppants" rush into the fractures and push them open. once the pumps square measure turned off, the fractures shut, stable gear the proppant particles within the reservoir. If AN adequate range of crush-resistant particles stay within the reservoir, the fractures are going to be "propped" open, permitting a flow of oil or gas out of the rocks and into the well. This method is thought as hydraulic fracturing. Powdered mineral are often amalgamated into small beads at terribly high temperatures. These beads have a really high crush resistance, which makes them appropriate as a proppant. they'll be created in a verylmost any size and in a vary of relative density. the particular gravity of the beads and their size are often matched to the viscousness of the hydraulic fracturing fluid and to the dimensions of fractures that square measure expected to develop within the rock. factory-made proppants give a large choice of grain size and relative density compared to a natural proppant called frac sand. 

Substitutes for mineral World mineral resources square measure adequate for many years of production at current rates. different materials might be used rather than mineral for aluminum oxide production. Clay minerals, alunite, anorthosite, powerhouse ash, and shale might be accustomed manufacture aluminum oxide however at higher prices, victimization totally different processes. carbide and artificial mineral square measure generally employed in place of bauxite-based abrasives. artificial mullite and mineral made up of mineral square measure generally employed in place of bauxite-based refractories.

Bauxite Localities 
Bauxite is found in abundance at several locations round the world. In 2017 the 10 leading mineral manufacturing countries were: Australia, China, Brazil, India, Guinea, Jamaica, Russia, and Kazakh. every of those countries has enough reserves for several years of continued production. Some have reserves for over a hundred years of production. The u. s. has little amounts of mineral in Arkansas, Alabama, and Georgia; but, there's little mining of mineral within the u. s., and a minimum of ninety nine of consumption is foreign.

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